Date and TimeTitle
Apr 24, 2019
9:17am - 9:32am (Pacific)
Demystifying Data Science | Mr.Asitang Mishra | TEDxOakLawn

In this talk Mr.Asitang Mishra relates his experiences as a Data Scientist at the world famous NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). With his wit, intellect, and didactic aphorisms, Asitang truly paints a picture on what it means to be the modern day data science superhero. Facing some of the world's most complex engineering challenges in the space science frontier, Asitang sheds incredible light on how combining open source technology with multi-disciplinary collaboration at NASA, paves the way for some of humanity's most ingenious solutions. He pokes fun at and tries to explain the various quirks of this new, fast growing and at times vague field of data science and engineering in simple and easy to digest terms.

Oct 21, 2021
8:45am - 1:45pm (Continental)

09:15  Thriving in an Era of Acceleration

09:45 Tendencias del eCommerce en Chile

10:05 Protegiendo el ecosistema de pagos en el mundo digital

10:25 Seizing the Next era of growth in digital commerce

10:45 Move over millennials, there’s a new online shopper in town

11:10 Negocios exponenciales

11:50 La calidad de entrega como un factor diferenciador de tu producto/servicio

12:10 AI for new intelligence concepts: creation and predicting behaviors strategies

12:30 Lanzamiento ITD 2021

12:55 Data Storytelling, el arte de transformar data en historia

13:15 Resolución en Línea: La nueva experiencia de clientes